New Car Models for 2018

If, like me, you see adverts for new car models and you immediately think “I wonder what that’s like as a tow car?” then this is the page for you!

How do the new models and updates of existing models for 2018 check out when looked at from a tow car perspective?

Renault Koleos

The lightest Koleos has a GVW of 2153kg

The heaviest has a GVW of 2300kg

A good looking car that has some potential if you want a basic light caravan, but not suitable for our purposes of towing a 1500kg caravan.

Mitsubishi ASX

On first glance the ASX is a contender – it has a powerful 2.2 diesel engine, 4WD, and an auto gearbox all in a package with a GVW of 2060kg.

Unfortunately it’s towing limit is 1400kg, great if you want a small caravan but not good enough for our purposes.

Seat Ateca

The 2.0 diesel has a 150PS engine, manual gearbox, 4WD and a towing limit of 2000kg. Unfortunately it has a GVW of 2100kg so is limited to towing 1400kg to stay within the 3500kg limit.

The 1.6 diesel has 115PS, front wheel drive and a towing limit of 1700kg, with a GVW of 1910kg, so you could tow up to 1590kg.

This is where the nonsense of this towing limit law kicks in. A less powerful 2WD version of the same car is allowed to tow a larger caravan than the more powerful 4WD version. Madness!

Peugeot 308 SW Estate

The 308 Estate 2.0 150 GT is updated for 2018 and looks promising. It has a 2 litre diesel engine with 150PS but more importantly 273lb/ft of torque and stated fuel consumption of 72mpg.

GVW 1970kg

Towing limit 1500kg

You can tow up to it’s limit of 1500kg with a standard car licence, but remember you will be going over 100% of kerbweight as it’s a fairly light 1315kg unladen as it has a high luggage capacity of 655kg, much more than the 503kg of a Mazda 6 estate for example.