2017/18 Lightweight Caravan Ranges

Elddis Affinity (2018)

0ne 2-berth and three 4-berth models all with a MTPLM below 1500kg but a good amount of equipment, including the very useful AL-KO ATC trailer control as standard.

The 554 model has a fixed transverse island bed and an end bathroom MTPLM 1477kg

The 4-berth Affinity 550 has an end bedroom, central bathroom with en-suite option, large fixed bed and front lounge that turns into another double or 2 small singles great for younger children.

MTPLM 1467kg

You can see the full range HERE

Lunar Quasar (2017)

The Quasar range has one 2-berth, five 4-berth and one 6-berth caravans all of which you can tow if you choose your tow car carefully (even the twin axle 674)

The Quasar 574 is a 4-berth transverse island bed model with an end bathroom and a MTPLM of 1390kg.

You can see from the picture below that it doesn’t have a front sunroof, but this is more than made up for by the “Skyview” roof light which measures 1400mm x 440mm.

Although it doesn’t have ATC trailer control as standard this can always be fitted as an extra which won’t increase your MTPLM.

ATC trailer control can be fitted to most caravans with an AL-KO chassis either by taking it to an AL-KO service centre or contacting their mobile service which fits it at your home. More information.

You can see the full range HERE

Lunar Lexon (2017)

A range of four 4-berth caravans with a max MTPLM of 1495kg.

The Lexon is one range up from the Quasar in the Lunar ranges and as such it has more equipment (including ATC trailer control) as standard and so weighs a little more. There isn’t the versatility of a 6-berth and twin axle models as in the Quasar but they are all nicely appointed and relatively lightweight for their size.

The Lexon 590 has a rear island bed with centre bathroom that can be made “en-suite” by closing the central caravan door.

You can see the full range HERE

The next stop up the Lunar range is the luxurious Clubman. The Clubman SR is exactly the same size and layout as the Lexon 590 (above) and for this year it has exactly the same MTPLM of 1495kg even though it has more equipment.

To complete this seemingly miraculous feat and to keep the Clubman SR’s towing weight down, they have reduced the user payload to 155kg (the Lexon 590 has 181kg. It appears that caravan manufacturers have seen the driving licence problem coming and have decided to try and have as many models as possible at or below the 1500kg figure.